About Småland

The name Småland literally means Small Lands.


Småland is a province in southern Sweden. The landscape of Småland has often been regarded as typically Swedish, with its vast forest and countless lakes.

About Matthias Kamann

Matthias Kamann, Småland Design

It started with a semester abroad, in Växjö, in the middle of Småland. One semester turned into more than ten years. Although I have experienced several cities in Sweden, I always returned to Småland. The calmness, peacefulness and close connection to nature create a very special feeling. The people of Småland present themselves in a friendly, humble and creative way. The whole experience of Småland and Sweden is my inspiration for design that fits into homes with focus on the essentials.

Already in my early twenties, I had a strong desire to, one day, work as a designer. Now, while working as a Sweden-blogger and author, I finally found the time to develop new design ideas, inspired by the feeling I carry inside of me when I am in Sweden.

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About Småland Design

Minimalist Design – Made in Sweden

The core of Småland Design

Småland Design products are all designed and made in Sweden. The designs are created with a minimalistic attitude. “What can I leave out while still conveying the core message” is a question I ask myself regularly during the creative process.

I hope you enjoy my designs and products! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or want to give feedback!